Ready for the World Cup?

Just because the action is taking place in a different time zone, you don’t have to watch the games alone at home. Bring friends and family to Ramada’s Red Earth between February 14 and March 29, 2015 and watch the World Cup with fellow cricket enthusiasts. No matter how wee the hours, we are open for all the matches – midnight, early morning or in time for breakfast.

The restaurant is all themed up with flags and placards so you can wave your support and also play third umpire. Click selfies as Team India with our cardboard cut-outs. If the match inspires you to get sporty, shoot at our dartboards. Team Ramada, sporting World Cup Ts will serve you a special welcome drink Green Menthol. For the games scheduled after midnight, you can enjoy our value combo meals for less than Rs 300 while you sit with your eyes glued to our television screen. Whether India wins this one or not, we’ll make you feel like a winner.

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